Will BFIT still be active during the Fall 2021 semester considering the current pandemic?

Yes! We are returning and will be active during this semester. We will have in-person and distance fitness opportunities available for members to participate in. Attend an informational meeting to learn more!

What do I have to do to join?

All potential members must attend an informational meeting to learn about the club and how to join! You can contact us to arrange a meeting via email, our Instagram page, or a current member!

How often does BFIT meet?

It varies! BFIT has organized meet-ups several times per week, and it depends on how active you wish to be as nothing is mandatory!

What if I want to be active in BFIT but I am a distance learner this semester?

This semester we are offering in-person, hybrid, and distance memberships for current students! Contact us for an informational meeting to learn more about the different membership options!

Does it cost to be a member?

Yes!  All members must pay dues each semester. Contact us to set up a meeting to learn more about joining!

What is the time commitment?

Once accepted into BFIT, members have the choice to be as involved as they please. Meet-ups are available 3-4x per week, however, nothing is mandatory.

How "in-shape" do I have to be if I wanted to join?

The mission of BFIT is to encourage a healthy lifestyle through exercise and to build bonds through fitness. Women of all shapes, sizes, and fitness levels are welcomed!

Who can join?

To participate in BFIT you must be a current student, staff, or faculty at U of A Main Campus, Online, or Global Campus. BFIT is also only open to individuals who identify as female.

(Update: As of 2020, we make non-student exceptions to FORMER students who were active members of BFIT while attending U of A.)

Can I bring a friend to a class or meet-up?

No.  BFIT classes are open to current, paid members only. There will be times when BFIT arranges events or fundraisers open to anyone. At these times anyone is more than welcomed to invite friends or family.