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Fit Sistas Workout Club

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Not a University of Arizona student but want to be involved in a group such as the Black Girls' Fitness Club? Though Black Girls' Fitness Club started off as a student organization, we are making efforts to expand our programming beyond the U of A campus.

BFIT recognizes that there may be women in the Tucson community who resonate with the club's mission to promote health, wellness, and camaraderie in the Black community. 

FitSistas is a program separate of the school organization, BFIT, but based on the same idea and is led by BFIT co-founder and president, Brena Andrews. 

We currently have FitSis workouts once a week, no commitment necessary!

What we Do

Gym Crawls

Coordinated, self-guided strength-workout sessions will be available on a weekly basis and are only open to paid FitSis Members. Sessions will be located at a private gym.

FitSis Bootcamp

Weekly group circuits that consist of calisthenics, weighted exercises, and interval training will be available for all members. All bootcamp sessions will be guided by an instructor.

Weight Lifting Workshop

All members will also have the opportunity to attend group workshops to learn how to properly perform weight-lifting exercises.

FitSistas Bootcamp Kickoff Event

April 27th

Fitsis Weightlifting Workshop

June 8th

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