About Us

BFIT is a student-led organization that was establish in spring of 2019 at the University of Arizona. BFIT promotes health, wellness, and camaraderie amongst Black women on campus by creating a comfortable space in which Black women can share knowledge and pursue their fitness goals together.


Our Story

Where it all started...

BFIT was established in the Spring of 2019 by two students named Brena Andrews and Angelica Hill. They were inspired to start a club where Black women on the UA campus could encourage and support one another through their personal fitness journeys. 

The idea for the organization was conceived while Andrews, a former collegiate athlete, and Hill, a former dancer, were brainstorming ways to restore their active lifestyles. Originally, Hill and Andrews thought to organize group discussions for like-minded Black women on campus. This approach revealed that their fitness goals resembled that of many others. However, lack of representation, mutual feelings of exclusion, and other barriers perceived by women of color made pursing these goals difficult. Being that Black Americans are at higher risk for a slew of health-related issues (i.e. cardiovascular disease, diabetes, high blood pressure), Hill and Andrews were determined to find a way to help Black women begin, or continue, to make healthy lifestyle choices.

Their solution was a social club that encourages, uplifts and unites Black women through physical activity – BFIT.

BFIT is currently made up of over a dozen members that meet several times a week for exercise and other related activities or events. The group is recognized by the Associated Students of the University of Arizona (ASUA) and supported by UA’s African American Student Affairs (AASA).

This is only the beginning!

What we do


Weekly Rec Crawls

These are coordinated work-out sessions held twice a week at the UA Campus Recreation Center. Sessions focus on strength-building exercise suitable for all fitness levels and help familiarize members with what the Rec Center has to offer.

Group Fitness Activities

BFIT members meet once a week to participate in unique private group fitness classes and activities. This allows members to try new forms of exercise and explore more exciting ways of maintaining physical fitness.